The Effect

“If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” – John Kennell, M.D., Pediatrician


And if a Doula were a drug, using it would have an effect on you right ?

Well here are some of the possible effects that you could experience if you choose to use Doula support:

*Studies have shown that when Doulas attend births, labours are shorter, have fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

*A worldwide study of more then 1500 women by Klaus et al, found that women who received Doula support during labour experienced the following benefits:

25% shorter Labour

50% less Cesarean Births

30% reduction in the use of Medication

60% less Epidural requests

40% less Forceps Assisted Births

Having Doula support has been linked to an INCREASE in:

*Personal support from the partner during labour

*Positive feelings around birth

*Maternal interaction during he first 6 weeks

*Breastfeeding rate

*Positive feelings toward partner

*Self – Esteem

And a DECREASE in:

*Perception of pain during labour

*Need for medical intervention

*Feeding problems

*Reports of infant illness in the first 6 weeks

*Incidence of postpartum depression

(Trish Booth, 1998,Tapping Into The Doula Factor)