Birth Day Preparation Session

Once Off Private Birth Day Class- R500

I offer individual, once off, private Doula led labour and birth preparation & information session in the comfort of your own home (Cape Town Southern Suburbs & CBD areas.) This session is primarily focused at preparing pregnant people & partners for the actual labour and birth and all that it may bring and entail. This is ideal for anyone preparing for a physiological birth or VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Section)

When known, I try to customize the session to contain useful information and available options that are relative to the facility that you are choosing to birth in, be it a home birth or hospital birth ( hospital information is limited to facilities in Cape Town only). I also offer this class online -via skype or zoom, this can be especially helpful for people who do not have ante natal classes in their area or people who may be coming from elsewhere to birth in Cape Town . This is great for anyone looking to compliment their formal antenatal education or for someone who is just looking for as a stand alone, once off birth day crash course. This interactive 3 hour class covers :

Understanding the physiology of pregnancy-A Snapshot look at the human body during pregnancy & understanding one of the strongest living ligatures in the human body – the uterus

The last weeks of pregnancy -We will explore what the last few weeks of pregnancy may look like as you draw nearer to the birth of your baby. Hormonal, emotional, mental and physical changes & preparations

Understanding the signs & the stages of labour

Demystifying the labour, contractions & visually understanding their effect on the uterus & cervix . Understanding your bodys cues, what to expect from your care providers in labour & typically used medical jargon explained. (Please note I do not use birth videos at all for this)

Natural coping tools & techniques for labour -Includes hands on exercises, breathing, positions etc

Medical pain management options

-A factual look at medical pain relief options, their effects on both the pregnant person & baby along with what to expect ,common side effects & individual pros & cons.

Birth Doulas and Pospartum Care explained -Exploring what Doulas actually do, if the option is for you, their presence in the birth space, packages , prices and the ever mounting scientific research about the positive impact Doulas make. We will touch on Professional Postpartum Care Providers, their role & the three decades worth of research around the impact it makes to have one in your home after birth.

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Questions & Answers


-I am based in Cape Town & I would like to have a session in my home but I do not live in an area that you cover, can we make a plan?

We can certainly discuss setting up a session if you live in another area of Cape Town . There will be an additional fee for me to travel to you which I can calculate when you inform me about which area you live in. These specially arranged sessions will most likely have to take place on a Saturday or Sunday. Contact me ASAP to check for availability.

-Is it possible to purchase this as a gift for someone else ?

Yes of course ! This would make a meaningful gift, please get in contact with me with the details of the recipient of the gift to arrange this.

-Friends/family members/people in my life are also pregnant and we would like to do the session together, is this possible and what are the charges?

This is definitely possible when booked in advance. More people generally makes for a longer session and it can be really fun when the participants all know and are comfortable with each other. The standard fee of R500 still applies which includes the booking for 2 people. Thereafter a charge an extra R50 per person/ couple (i.e it doesnt matter whether its a single person attending or couple attending the price remains R50)

I work with a maximum group size of 8 people. This can be 4 couples , 8 individuals or any combination of couples and individuals as long as the maximum number of participants is not exceeded.