Birth Doula Services

I offer support to Birth & Bereavement Doula services to clients which include:

Home birth, free-birth & HBAC (Home birth after cesareans) as well as miscarriages & stillbirths at home .

Hospital births at select private hospitals in Cape Town for clients hoping to have physiological births & VBACs. Hospital support for pregnancy loss, termination of pregnancy due to life limiting diagnosis, labour & stillbirth, live infant loss, NICU & end of life grief support.

Please contact me directly for all Bereavement Doula Services.



Birth Doula Package:

Meet and Greet (obligation free consult) – R200

This is the initial interview where we will get to know each other and see if we have chemistry. At this meeting I will be able to answer all your questions and provide any information that you may require. I believe that birth is a sacred event and you should be entirely comfortable with your support team, you are under no obligation to hire me as your Doula, after the meeting whenever you have made your decision you can contact me and let me know.

Should you choose me as your Doula, my fee for 2020 is R3750 . A 50 % non refundable deposit upfront secures my services which will include the following :

Two Ante Natal Home Visits (1x late 2nd trimester and 1x 3rd trimester OR 2x 3rd trimester visits)

What to Expect -Visit One

During your pregnancy I will visit you in the comfort of your own home if you so wish and we will take stock of your feelings about child birth and discuss at length: your birth day wish list, concerns, expectations and any options/topics that you would like to explore,I do not push my opinion on you , this is YOUR birth . I can provide you with references, information, research or reading material should you require it.These visits help me paint a picture of what you need and expect of me so that I can support you to the best of my ability but most importantly these visits should enhance your confidence and knowledge so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your baby.

What to Expect Visit Two

At least one of the visits will be during the 3rd trimester. I will answer any of your questions and discuss any new feelings (mental , physical and emotional) should you be experiencing them and we will discuss what to expect in the weeks leading up to birth, we will discuss the upcoming labour and birth and as much as you like. We will also look a little at life after birth- breastfeeding , what to expect , myths and facts , postpartum care etc. I can assist with packing your bags if you are birthing at a hospital/ birthing center & assist with making checklists/schedules to ensure everything runs smoothly in the house when you are away . For home births I can help prepare & set up should you have a particular area in the house that you wish to labour and/or birth in.

*Should you wish to have additional support during your pregnancy , I offer additional visits in the comfort of your own home for R250/ph per visit.

The Big Day -Labour & Birth

Babies come when they are ready but I will be on call 24/7 from your 38th week via my home and cell number which means I will not be hard to reach nor will I travel far from Cape Town .You can give me a call when you think you may be in labour and I can offer suggestions and answer any questions .In early labour,  based on previous discussions during our antenatal discussions, you would have decided whether  you would like me to come to your home and support you until you feel its time to head to hospital or if you would like me to meet you directly at the hospital / birthing center. If you are planning a home birth we would have discussed when you would most likely want me to attend as well. As a standard, I state to all my clients that I will need approximately 1-2 hours to get to you from the time you request my presence. In the extraordinary event that I am unable to attend your labour or birth due to events beyond my control I will send my back up Doula (who you may request to meet before hand if you wish) to be with you.

During labour I use my skills,training and experience with birth and CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) to provide support using techniques as discussed and requested by you in our ante natal discussions, such as:

Massage and touch

Water therapy

Breathing techniques

Heat/Cold therapy

Visualization and relaxation techniques

Appropriate birth space ambiance

Birth affirmations

Appropriate birth terminology and language that resonates with you

Encouragement and Reassurance of normality

Labour positions and techniques





Massage cupping

Information and explanation of options to make informed choices

Work with your partner to enhance your birth experience

Do all the running around (to the car, fetch bags, towels, snacks and drinks etc) thus enhance the time spent together with your partner and limit unnecessary external interference to maintain the birth room atmosphere.

Take photos if requested

Immediate Postpartum and Breastfeeding

After birth I will remain with you for 1-2 hours and help settle you in and ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you need. I can help initiate the first breastfeed and facilitate for The Magical Hour. I also assist partners if needed with their first Skin to Skin experience with their babies. Babies are born with the natural inclination to breastfeed, it may take some practice but once you get going you will both be pros in no time.

One Post natal home visit including Breastfeeding support

Once you are home I would like to get together with you within 7 days to see how you are doing, to admire your beautiful tiny human, to debrief  about the birth and answer any questions you may have, get a review for my role as your Doula, assist you with any breastfeeding issues, healing concerns and provide CAM (complimentary alternative medicine) solutions to common problems and appropriate references when and if needed. The remainder of my fee will be due at this visit at the very latest.


Our journey will continue via phone or email for as long as you would like there after 🙂

*Payment plans are available 

*Should you require additional post natal support,especially for people who have had birth via cesarean, additional visits can be made in my capacity as a Professional Postpartum Care Provider (PPCP- see tab marked ‘Services’)or click here  please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to explore this option or gift this service to a new/soon to be parent.


P.S You do not have to have hired me as your birth Doula to have access to my services as a Postpartum Care Specialist.





Other Birth Doula Offers:

‘In Room’ Doula Service – This option available exclusively for clients who are not on medical aid & giving birth at Al Nisa Maternity Home. Please contact me directly via Phone , WhatsApp or Email for information and pricing on this option.