Postpartum Care Specialist Services


There is a lack of continuous postpartum care in South Africa; many women birth in a clinic or hospital and are sent home with their new baby with little idea of how to recover and take care of a newborn and will only be seen again in 6 weeks time in most cases.

Additionally, home birth midwives, who check in on their clients every few days, are often stretched thin and benefit from having a skilled “assistant” that can provide additional support in the first week; reporting back if needed. This type of specialized postpartum care has been nationally implemented for three decades with huge success in the Netherlands; it has shown that early skilled postnatal care is critical to promote healthy mothering and family practices, such as exclusive breastfeeding, good nutrition, appropriate hygiene, emotional well being and general newborn care.

A Postpartum Care Specialist PPCS provides continuous, one-on-one emotional and practical postpartum support & care for the mother and newborn in the first 7 – 10 days (or longer) after birth in collaboration with the primary care provider to ensure the most optimum start for the family. The PPCS oversees the recovery of the mother and the development of the baby and implements appropriate hygienic practices. Additionally a PPCS is trained to know the difference between normal and abnormal postpartum situations in order to alert the appropriate caregiver (hospital, clinic or midwife) if needed.

She has a broad range of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Skills to promote and nurture healing and she helps with practical domestic tasks to allow the new mother to rest, recover and care for her new baby.

PPCS guidance in the first postnatal week is aimed at meeting the mother’s needs, in a flexible and personal manner. Together with the mother, the PPCS will create a plan that examines her expectations and wishes with regards to the kind of care she would like and to discuss potential cultural differences in postpartum and newborn care.

A PPCS is trained in the following postpartum skills:

For the mother:

  • To do basic medical checks like temperature, check on perineal healing and stitches at the mothers request.
  • Breast care- for breastfeeding mothers as well as for the mother wishing to dry up her milk.
  • Keep an eye on the fundus (top part of the uterus) & lochia (bleeding after birth) 
  • Be aware with regard to mothers emotional state, the partners emotional state and the support thereof .
  • Debriefing after birth

PPCS do NOT make medical decisions . We are trained to know what is normal in recovery & we are trained to be aware of potential ‘red flags’ coming up as well as any medical situations that are not normal in order to refer earlier to the appropriate caregiver .

  • Share knowledge and advice with regard to nutrition that benefits recovery after birth & organize easy nourishing meal plans
  • Share knowledge & general advise with regard to establishing a positive breastfeeding relationship
  • Teach mum self care for her postnatal body & what to expect during this period
  • Apply CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) and  natural therapies to aid in optimal recovery after birth.

For the Baby:

  • Basic care of a baby & newborn vital signs such as temperature and respiration.
  • Knowledge & advise with regard to normal newborn behaviour & patterns during this period 
  • Assist parents with babes first bath or offer to do a ‘show bath’ for parents to learn.
  • Check normal newborn output parameters (pee & poo) are to ensure baby is getting enough to drink and that they thrive.
  • Normal feeding & weight gain
  • Recognize any complications in the newborn baby for immediate referral to care provider.

Contact me for rates and to set up a meeting should you be interested in PPCS services. This services is available for clients in the CBD ,Southern suburbs and Deep South only