Professional Post-partum Care Provider – Services & Packages



There is a lack of continuous post-partum care in South Africa; many people birth in a clinic or hospital and are sent home with their new baby with little idea of how to recover and take care of a newborn and will only be seen again in 6 weeks time in most cases.

Home birth midwives see their clients more frequently & check in on their clients every few days, but they are often stretched thin and benefit from having a skilled “assistant” that can provide additional support in guiding parents through the first few weeks; reporting back if needed.

This type of specialized post-partum care has been nationally implemented for THREE DECADES with huge success in the Netherlands .

It has shown that early skilled postnatal care is critical to promote healthy parenting and family practices such as:

*Exclusive Breastfeeding

*Good Nutrition 

*Rest & Recovery

*Appropriate Hygiene Practices

*Post-partum Body Care & Healing

*Emotional well being

*Confidence in General Newborn Care.

A Professional Postpartum Care Provider (PPCP) provides continuous, one-on-one emotional and practical post-partum support & care for the mother and newborn in the first 10 days (or longer) after birth in collaboration with the primary care provider to ensure the most optimum start for the family. The PPCP oversees the recovery of the mother and the development of the baby and implements appropriate hygienic practices.

Additionally, a PPCP is trained to know the difference between normal and abnormal post-partum situations in order to alert the appropriate medical caregiver (midwife, gynae,  hospital, clinic ) if needed.

As a PPCP, I have a broad range of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Skills to promote and nurture healing. I may also help out with simple practical domestic tasks to allow the new mother / birthing parent to rest, recover and care for her new baby.

PPCP guidance in the first postnatal week is aimed at meeting the mother’s needs, in a flexible and personal manner.

Contact me to set up a consultation to create a plan that examines your expectations and wishes with regards to my role & the kind of care you would like, as well as discuss your cultural needs and requirements during this time.

As a PPCP I am trained in postpartum skills to support both the birthing parent & the baby:

For the mother:

  • Basic medical vital checks like temperature, check on perineal healing and stitches should it be requested.
  • Keep an eye on the fundus (top part of the uterus)  & lochia (bleeding after birth) 
  • Breast care- for both the breastfeeding mother as well as for the mother wishing to suppress lactation & dry up her breast milk for any reason including pregnancy & baby loss.
  • Support with regard to mother/birthing parents emotional state, their partners & other members of the family such as older siblings .
  • Debriefing after birth- a space to share the good, the bad , the happy & sad in confidentiality.
  • Share knowledge and advice with regard to nutrition that benefits recovery after birth & organize easy nourishing meal plans.
  • Advice, knowledge & support with regard to establishing a positive breastfeeding relationship.
  • Physical help for the new mother if needed & share knowledge & advice with regard to self care for her postnatal body & most importantly what to expect during the postpartum phase (something that doesn’t get spoken about as much as it should , I believe.)
  • Apply CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) and  natural therapies to aid in optimal recovery after birth. I have a range of natural products that I make  myself such as herbal sitz baths for tears and stitches and healing multipurpose salves.

PLEASE NOTE: A PPCP does NOT make medical decisions . We are trained to know what is normal in recovery & we are trained to be aware of potential ‘red flags’ coming up as well as any medical situations that are not normal in order to refer earlier to the appropriate caregiver .

For the Baby:

  • Basic care of a baby & newborn vital signs such as temperature and respiratory rate.
  • Share knowledge & advise with regard to the wide variety of normal newborn behaviour & patterns during this period.
  • Assist parents with babes first bath or offer to do a ‘show bath’ for parents to learn.
  • Check normal newborn output parameters (pee & poo) to ensure baby is getting enough to drink and that they thrive.
  • Normal feeding & weight checks.
  • Recognize any complications in the newborn baby for immediate referral to care provider.

There are very few PPCP trained in Cape Town ,  I try my best to travel to most areas, my services are available for clients in CapeTown CBD,Southern suburbs and Deep South only. Somerset West & Northern Suburbs at an additional cost.



Services & Special Packages


Antenatal Meet & Greet- R250

An obligation free meet & greet during your pregnancy at a mutually agreed upon venue to find out more about post-partum care & have all your questions answered about options available to you, what they entail & exploring what package or combination may work best for you & your family. 


Individual Post-partum Consultation -R550 each*The consultation is up to 3 hours long*

If  you’re seeking out a PPCP after the birth of your baby, then its most likely for support & assistance with something/s that may be overwhelming you, that you’re needing more support with right now or wanting more information or guidance on, or you simply just need to speak to someone that been there & gets it! If you’re nodding in agreement because this sounds like where you are at, know that you are not alone , please contact me today, you deserve to be supported during this vulnerable time.

Having once off or Individual consults is the perfect option for people needing to address little issues that may have come up or someone needing occasional support during their post-partum weeks.

Post-partum consultations take place in the comfort of your own home meaning that I come to you . These consultations are personal, very often emotional & simply require time especially for breastfeeding and baby related queries .We chat A LOT in these consults & that often leads to more questions and thoughts & its important that we allow time for all of those processes. After the consultation I will send a follow up email with a summary of what was discussed & information , resources, contacts etc that you may have requested during our consult. My aim is to leave you  feeling heard, seen & cared for , feeling a little calmer & clearer in your parenting journey.



Postpartum Care Packages

You may choose to book stand alone consultations on an as needed/ occasional bases by prior arrangement at the full price of R550 per consultation or you may choose from one of the specially constructed discount packages below. Payment plans can be discussed and are available.

Please note:

*ALL packages include 1 mandatory consultation to take place during pregnancy or prior to rendering of services if post-partum ,to customize your care and ensure a comfortable smooth relationship. We will discuss your needs & expectations, any cultural or traditional practices, preferences etc as well as get the paper work filled out & signed. This consultation does not come at additional cost to you & is part of any package you choose.

*50% non refundable booking fee is payable upon signing of the package contract to secure services. The balance is to be paid in full on the day of the last visit/last day of services. I do offer payment plans if needed, please chat to me about this.

*Pricing & package structures are different for clients who are seeking care after pregnancy loss or baby loss. Please contact me directly for more information & pricing.

*There is definitely an option to extend care beyond 10 days & I have supported families up to 6 weeks after birth. Please contact me to find out how that works if you would like to book me for an extended period.

* I currently offer 3 types of packages based on what has been working for previous clients but feel free to chat to me about tailor making one to suit your needs.


Package 1

The Settling in Essentials Package -R1500

3 visits in 3 Consecutive Days

Each visit consists of a block period of up to 3 hours of care, I will come to your home everyday for 3 days in succession after your home birth or during the first 3 days after coming home from hospital.

This packages is really about tending to the basic needs of parents & their babies & settling in a new mother and baby and hopefully ease the transition from hospital to home . It can be quite overwhelming to come from a place where you had help & someone checking on you & then come home & be expected to do it all yourself immediately.


Package 2

5 Day Flexi Support Package -R2500

5 visits in 5-14 Days

Each visit consists of a block period of up to 3 hours of care , I come to your home everyday for 5 days consecutively or you may choose to spread the 5 visits across 2 weeks.

This package is lovely for people wanting a longer period of support weather its needed everyday or once every 2nd or 3rd day. Works beautifully for clients who may be birthing with midwives . Midwives will do postnatal visits every few days in the first week after your birth and this structure can allow for PPCS support on the days in between her visits. This has also worked well for clients who have family or partners that need to return to work soon after the birth at a time when she still needs support.


 Package 3

The Full Foundation Package- R4500

10 visits in 10 consecutive Days OR 10 visits in up to 14 days

Each visit consists of a block of up to 3 hours of care , Ideally I would come to your home for 10 visits after your home birth or when you return from hospital. I have added the option for clients to take the 10 visits consecutively or spread across a period of up to 14 days. This allows for the days when you may be taking the baby for wellness checks, birth registration etc should they fall within those first few weeks.

A very involved, hands on package that sets up a solid prolonged period of support for a new family. Chosen by people for many reasons, ultimately everyone wants to honour themselves & this sacred time & feel supported & cared for while getting to know their little human . A popular package among single parents, people who are coming from elsewhere to birth in Cape Town, people who are not from Cape Town & don’t have or don’t want family members involvement & people who have given birth via caesarean section or have had episiotomies or complications while healing & need extra physical support .





Other Services


Hospital Breastfeeding Consult – Upto R600 depending on location

This service is availableby me throughout Cape Town. Are you struggling to breastfeed or have had the struggle before and would like to get help as soon as possible after birth? Are you struggling to breastfeed after you c-section and need some practical help? Do you need advise before being discharged? Please contact me to arrange a once off hospital visit to help set a solid foundation for a healthy breastfeeding relationship. 



Birth Debriefing Session- R450

90 minutes 

 A private supportive space for you to tell your birth story . A space to simply be held and deeply heard where you can share the potentially intense feelings and experiences, weather positive, negative or traumatic. A space to explore any uncomfortable feelings, ask questions , reflect or gain a better understanding about what happened .

Many people debrief with the people who attended their birth like their Midwife, Doula or Doctor & this is so essential especially when there are gaps in the story or timeline that need to be filled in & when you have questions that need answering especially regarding any medical decisions ,emergencies etc that shaped your birth outcome. The reality is that this is not always possible especially for people who give birth in government facilities and are attended to by the midwife or Dr who was on call that day. The other truth is that if you have had a traumatic pregnancy or birth experience or need debriefing after pregnancy & baby loss, you may simply not want to interact with the people or space that are part of the painful memories.

Many people also find it therapeutic to tell their story to a ‘stranger’ someone who did not attend their birth & has no influence on the narrative, therefore the entire story is theirs to tell. Sometimes people also have strong feelings & thoughts about their birth experience that they don’t want to express with familiar faces for fear of being judged or hurting the feelings of someone they care about.

Sometimes people require professional help, I am not a mental health practitioner of any kind so I cannot diagnose or treat clients. As a PPCP I am trained to recognise red flags especially for Post Natal Distress/Depression & if needed I can definitely recommend and refer you to wonderful professionals that work in this field. You are not alone.




Baby Bathing/Show Bath R250 


A stand alone service that does not involve any other aspects of post-partum care. This is a flexible service. I can show / demonstrate how to bath your newborn baby, support & guide you or your partner you while you bath your baby for the first time to give you a confident start or bath your newborn baby for you until you recover from giving birth. Please note you will need to provide the bath, products etc. I do have my own range of baby baby bath herbs & oils available to purchase.