About Me


My name is Nadia Maheter , I am a professional Doula/Childbirth Companion certified by W.O.M.B.S which is recognized by the International Childbirth Education Association . I provide emotional , physical and informational support to the expectant couple during the ante natal , birth and post natal periods. I have completed training for Advanced Doula Techniques and I am a certified Master Trainer in the Helping Babies Survive (HBS) and Helping Mothers Survive Bleeding After Birth (HMS BAB) which are initiatives of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). I am a Positive Birth Movement facilitator and I co-facilitate free gatherings in Cape Town, southern suburbs. I am also a facilitator teaching 4th year medical student doctors for the Compassionate Birth Project. I am a Postpartum Care Provider (PPCP)- the first of its kind in South Africa- which is a separate service that offers continuous, tailor made support, to parents during the critical first few weeks days after birth. I am based in Cape Town, Southern Suburbs. I am currently working toward my certification as Stillbirth Bereavement Doula.

I am married and I have 4 beautiful children, 3 who I mother on this Earth with me and one who is mothered in heart & memory, my last born baby- my son, was born in Feb 2019 after walking a full term pregnancy with a known fatal diagnosis from early on in pregnancy & he gently passed on after staying with us for 10 peaceful minutes after his birth.  Every single one of their births were different and positive  and powerful (including my angel babies birth) and its my experiences, both in my capacity as a mother and as a birth worker ,who has walked along side others in journeys of life and death, that drives the passion to educate,inform, empower and support people during pregnancy, birth and post-partum. I have a special interest in supporting young people -my husband and I were very young parents, so this is very close to my heart.I also have a keen interest in supporting people who are choosing to birth at home & those who are choosing to free birth. I also support people who are pregnant with babies who may not stay due to a high risk pregnancy, medical complications, or fatal diagnosis as well as those who have already had suffered pregnancy or infant loss and need professional postpartum care & support. 

I am the Doula Liaison Officer at Al-Nisa Maternity Home and I head up a Student and Volunteer Doula Program there as well. Before I became fully involved in birth I was an experienced primary school teacher , teaching Maths & Life Skills. By becoming a birth worker, I have found my true calling which combines the best of both worlds, I get to educate, empower and guide the people who grant me the honour of being part of their most joyous & most heartbreaking experiences. It is an incredible honor and blessing to be part of one of the most sacred journeys humans can take.



I enjoy reading , swimming,cycling and dabbling in homeopathy,natural and herbal remedies & making my own soaps,body creams and basically anything else that can get my hands messy 🙂 I absolutely suck at directions (thank you Waze!) I love animals and nature. I enjoy tasting different teas from around the world and I’ve been told that I make a pretty great Malva pudding 🙂