Traditional Huwaawar / Confinement Packs (made to specification – POA)

Contains :


*Almonds/ almond powder

*Hoowa seeds

*Bhor Capsules

*Ahaario seeds

*Strengthening Porridge mixture

Belly Binders

Benkung belly binders imported from Malaysia. They are R400 excl postage . These belly binders are specifically made for Post Birth (i.e not the sports band). They provide excellent back and tummy support from below the breast to the top of the hips.Benkung belly binders have been used for many many years across the world to help mums return to their pre pregnancy shape. Benkungs are believed to have many benefits such as posture support, temperature regulation and protecting the internal organs.

Benkung Mia R400

Benkung Mia- is a corset style benkung with zig zag ties that wraps from the hips till just below the breast


Reydiant Natural Mini Mom Care Packs (R150 per pack)

The perfect gift ! An all Natural (and i mean NATURAL) Mini Mom Care Packs exclusively made for The Doula Effect by Reydiant , a company whose founder prides herself in using only best quality and most natural ingredients to produce a whole range hand blended care products for mum and baby . This mini pack makes an ideal gift idea for a baby shower and is a perfect solution for mothers wanting to try out the products before investing in the large bottles.The mini packs are perfectly priced and sized to fit into your labour bag for both mums and birth workers.

The pack includes:

*Gorgeous Tummy Natural Tissue Oil (20ml) We all know the importance of helping the skins elasticity during pregnancy and after birth. This is the lightest most easily absorbed oil you will ever try, with a subtle scent, perfect for moms with a sensitive sense of smell.

*Goodbye Cankles Deep Massage Tissue Oil (20ml) perfect for all types of massage during labour with a light invigorating scent,  excellent for water retention and to promote circulation

*Body Polish – Lavender or Rose – perfect for a little pampering before or after your birth.

*Bath Salts – Lavender Rooibos, Rose Hibiscus or Orange Lemon Mint (50g) excellent for perineal healing after birth.

For a list of the entire Reydiant range and a price list, please contact me via email.

Mini Mom Care Pack R130

Mini Mom Care Pack R150