Hello , my name is Nadia , welcome to the home of The Doula Effect.

Women are strong, intelligent and caring beings, they want to receive the best possible care for themselves and their precious babies and have positive birth experiences.

There is something wonderful happening …Women are taking back their births!  They know their options, they make informed choices, they ask for evidence and research so that they may interpret it themselves , fuse it with their beliefs, culture and circumstances and come out knowing what they want and make decisions that are perfect for them , individually.

My mission as a Doula is to facilitate that process, to educate and empower you and provide individualized, non judgmental, unbiased care and to unconditionally support and guide you throughout this journey. To hold sacred your birthing space support you and your partner each step of the one of the most amazing journeys in this life, so that you have the kind of birthing experience that YOU want.

This is your baby, your birth the process should be governed by your attitudes, values and beliefs. I have no preconceived birth motto, philosophy or theory, because I want to serve YOUR ideology and beliefs . My aim to stay flexible, to remain open minded & to learn because every birth is unique. There is no ‘textbook’ standard- I come away from each birth in awe of having learnt something new.

 I am EXTREMELY passionate about positive birth and my passion takes shape in the form of what has come to be known as my  ‘birth pillars’

OPTIONS- I care that you are made aware of all of them, along with their pros and cons.

AUTONOMY – I care that your human right to make autonomous decisions during this journey is upheld & that your choices are respected.

CONSULTATION- I care that you are consulted before decisions are made and that they are carried out with your consent.

DIGNITY & RESPECT- I care that it is upheld at all times. There is never a circumstance, reason or excuse to be treated in any other way – ever!

YOUR VOICE- I care that it is heard, listened to, advocated for and taken into consideration at all times. You are the director of your birth. That’s the way it should be.

Should you decide to have me as your Doula ,I would be honoured to be part of your journey.